Pastor Wright grew up in a preacher’s home, and he received Jesus as his Saviour at the tender age of 5. Due to these facts, he was able to glean from the fields of ministry at a young age, which would give him a great advantage in the Lord’s service later in life.

Pastor Wright has had a varied background of educational experiences along the way, attending both Christian and secular schools and colleges. Also, he earned a baseball scholarship and played a little amateur baseball before God called him into the ministry. In addition, while in college, he would meet his future wife. The two of them would be married in 1995. Pastor Wright and his wife Becki have four children. Currently, two of those children are in college at Heartland Baptist Bible College, while the other two children are still in High School.

Although Pastor Wright has had many education experiences as well as ministerial opportunities through his life, nothing has been more fulfilling than serving as Pastor of Victory Baptist Church. Pastor Wright upholds the old-time religion the way it’s supposed to be! The King James Bible, old-fashioned hymns, zealous soulwinning, standards and convictions, are just some of the instruments used at our church, without compromise or apology. Our pastor preaches and teaches with fervor and zeal, yet with a tear of compassion and love! If you are looking for a church and a pastor that loves the Lord and his church, join us today and get to know Pastor Wright personally.